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Macedonian White Wine

Macedonian White Wines produced in the Tikves region showcasing the exciting deftly crafted wines from indigenous varieties. Tikveš Every wine tells a story about the synergy between the soil, sun, grapes and the country of its origin. The Tikveš Winery has been narrating the Republic of North Macedonia’s story as a winemaking country since 1885. However, the Republic of North Macedonia remains one of Europe’s last undiscovered wine countries: it is a natural paradise of vineyards, mountains, lakes and rivers, with a climate perfectly suited to producing quality grapes. Located in the Tikveš region, the Tikveš estate sustainably cultivates indigenous varieties such as Smederevka, Vranec and Kratoshija. The grapes are vinified in the state-of-the-art cellar equipped with the latest technology, resulting in a series of authentic and characterful wines.

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  1. Tikves Smederevka 2023
    Tikves Smederevka 2023
    12 bottle(s) per case.
    £133.02 £110.85
  2. Tikves Cuvee Cyril 2021
    Tikves Cuvee Cyril 2021
    12 bottle(s) per case.
    £142.02 £118.35
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