precautions when shipping wines

Over the last few years, there has been a considerable rise in the number of new wine shippers in Saint Clair because of the ease of getting the licensure. However, you must know that shipping wine is not as easy as it sounds. The most challenging part of this process is to ensure that the wines safely reach the customer. Well, worry not!

Below, we have listed a few precautions to take when shipping wine from the Bolney wine estate or Saint Clair!

Choose the correct box:

An ideal wine shipping box is a strong, corrugated cardboard box with sturdy dividers and a thick outer shell. You should only use boxes specifically designed for wine shipping as others may not efficiently support the weight of the bottles.

For better safety, seal the bottom with water-activated tape as it offers a superior bond. It will help you be the number one choice of people when looking for a wine merchant near me.

Place them in the proper position:

Ideally, you should ship wines in the upright position, and for older wines that have been aged on the sides, lay them flat.

If you have complete knowledge about the purchase and storage history of premium quality wine and are sure that it has been lying undisturbed, you can ship it laying flat. However, if the wine has not been stored in cellar-like conditions, you must ship it standing upright; otherwise, it may leak.

Ensure protection in the box:

Secure the bottle corks with wire cork cages to not let the corks loosen during shipping. As one of the independent wine merchants in the UK, you must follow this practice, especially for sparkling wines.

Pro Tip: Many people suggest wrapping the bottles in three sheets of paper and securing them using tape. Now that you have wrapped the bottles, place them into the cell-divided box while protecting the bottoms of the bottles. You can fill the empty space with air pillows to avoid the movement of bottles in transit.

However, this may still cause issues and the bottles may move about in transit and become damaged.

The best option nowadays is to pack your wine into inflatable pockets. These special wine holders are an economical way to protect the wine for transit. They arrive safely, perfectly protected by their air pocket. Additionally, these inflatable pockets are made from biodegradable material.

Seal it properly:

Tape the box using water-activated tape for extra protection as it is tamper-proof. You should also label the package as ‘fragile’.

Inform your shipper about the components of the box and ask them to keep the temperature at the lowest during transport. You can request them to maintain the temperature at 55°F. Remember not to ship Gaia wines during hot weather months.