Wines In Bond

Purchasing ‘Wine in bond’ or ‘In bond’ wines is a traditional way of securing some of the finest wines in the world.  Fine Wine is almost exclusively traded ‘In Bond’ and quite often purchased as an investment.  ‘In Bond’ simply means these wines have not had Duty tax and VAT paid on them and for this reason, these wines have to be stored in a HM customs excise approved warehouse. Should you choose to sell your ‘In Bond’ wines in future, you will not have to pay Duty or VAT, unless it has been released from Bond. By buying ‘In Bond’, you will benefit from having a traceable history of the wine from its care, storage, and provenance. 


As an independent retailer and wine merchant, Corking Wines has access to some of the most exclusive fine wines ‘in bond’ from renowned and leading wine agents from the UK and across the world. 


Please contact us directly for your ‘In bond’ wine requirements and we will be only too happy to help you.  Otherwise, please browse our selection of wines and place your order online today. 


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