The Top 101 Wine Writers of 2020

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Congratulations to all the talented wordsmiths that made Corking Wines Top 101 wine writers of 2020. We’ve made a list of the finest bloggers out there whose passion for good wine has inspired us and our customers. If you like to be in the know about the latest global wine trends, we’re sure you’ll love to follow these superb blogs and gorge on some of their most read articles of 2020.

  1. Wine Folly

About the blog - Wine Folly is a content site devoted to wine knowledge and appreciation, written by a team of wine experts. Their mission is to allow people to gain a deeper understanding of wine through learning. Top article – 3 Herbal Wine Cocktails For Summer

  1. Reverse Wine Snob

About the blog – Reverse Wine Snob is the work of Jon Thorsen. His mission is to liberate readers to enjoy the wines they love on their own terms, whether they’re “wine snob” approved or not. The key mantra of the blog is that wine does not have to be expensive to be good. Top article – The Best Wines At Aldi

  1. The Wine Cellar Insider

About the blog – The Wine Cellar Insider was founded by Jeff Leve. His blog features thousands of exclusive photographs, winery profiles, special guest contributors ranging from chateau owners, wine makers, fellow bloggers, consultants, retailers and more. Top article – Wine Aroma Wheel

  1. Jancis Robinson

About the blog – Jancis has been “fine wine writing” since the year 2000. She now leads a team of talented writers who have amassed thousands of intriguing articles. Jancis has been awarded an OBE by the Queen and even advises on her own personal wine cellar. Top article – Best Wine Label Scanning Apps

  1. Wine & Spirit Education Trust

About the blog - WSET offer education and qualifications for aspiring wine professionals. Their Knowledge Centre Blog is a hub of superb articles, delivered by writers that have their finger on the pulse of the global wine market. Top article – Q&A with Sommelier Miguel Angel Hernandez

  1. Cellar Tours

About the blog – Cellar Tours offer luxury holidays centred around wine and food. They’re therefore ideally placed to guide their blog readers on the best wines they have sampled from across the globe. Top article – The Best Time Of The Year To Visit Wine Country

  1. Temecula Valley

About the blog – The Temecula Valley team is dedicated to promoting the interests of wineries in the Temecula Valley in California. This was voted in the top ten best wine destinations of 2019. The blog features exclusive reviews and recommendations for the best Californian wines. Top article – Wine Pairing Guides

  1. Wine Country Getaways

About the blog – Janelle and Joe Becerra have been traveling to wine country and enjoying wine since 1965. Now both retired teachers, they dedicate their time to sharing their wine travel experiences through the Wine Country blog. Top article – Underwater Wine Aging

  1. Cult Wines

About the blog - Since 2007, Cult Wines has provided market-leading fine wine investment advice to a global audience. They have won a number of prestigious awards including the Queen's Award for Enterprise. Top article – The Difference Between Organic, Biodynamic And Sustainable Wines

  1. Washington Wine Blog

About the blog – Dr Owen Bargreen has been writing about wine for more than ten years and has reviewed thousands of wines from around the world. Owen has also traveled extensively in Washington, Oregon and California, as well as throughout wine regions of the world, including the Rhone valley in France, Spain, Germany and Italy. Top article – Top 100 Wines From USA’s West Coast

  1. The Travelling Corkscrew

About the blog – Seasoned wine writer Casey enjoys life “one sip at a time”. 2020 mark the 10 year anniversary of her blog, which has helped to build a community of wine lovers in Australia, New Zealand and further afield. Top article – International Wine Days For 2020 and 2021

  1. Wine Scholar Guild

About the blog – The Wine Scholar Guild are pioneers in online wine education, who celebrated their 15-year anniversary this year. They provide certification programmes for students in 30 countries worldwide. Their blog writers specialise in commentary on the latest Spanish, French and Italian wine trends. Top article – The Ten Best Italian Red Wines

  1. Wine Anorak

About the blog – The Wine Anorak is a global wine journal founded by Jamie Goode, a full-time wine writer, lecturer, wine judge and author. The term anorak is British slang for obsessive and Jamie’s huge passion for all things wine is reflected in each and every one of his charming posts. Top article – Is Wine Good For You?

  1. Texas Wine Lover

About the blog – The Texas Wine Lover blog was founded early in 2011 by Jeff Cope to help promote Texas wine. Jeff and Gloria Schlanser first started visiting many Texas wineries in January 2010 and felt their experiences could benefit both consumers and producers. Since then they’ve expanded their wealth of reviews to wines from further afield too. Top article – How Texas Wineries Faced Up To The Challenge Of Coronavirus

  1. Blog Tablas Creek

About the blog - The Tablas Creek blog provides thoughts, reports, photographs and the occasional video from Tablas Creek Vineyard, in Paso Robles, California.  It is curated by Jason Haas, General Manager at Tablas Creek, and includes contributions from many talented wine enthusiasts from across the US. Top article – How To Help Wineries Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic

  1. Rockin Red Blog

About the blog - As a passionate wine lover, Michelle Williams travels extensively to wine regions around the globe in search of the story inside the glass.  She is an award-winning freelance writer of wine, food, and travel and was once voted one of the 15 Most Influential People in Wine. Top article – It’s Time To Embrace Turkish Wine

  1. Wine Cellar Door

About the blog – The blog is run by Elisabeth & Ian – friends who met while working at VisitBritain. They champion UK vineyards and English Wines with their engaging articles, helping to put 200 British vineyards on the map. Top article – 6 British Vineyards With More Than Wine

  1. Glass Of Bubbly

About the blog – Yes, you guessed it! This site is all about the wonderful world of champagne and sparkling wines. The Glass Of Bubbly team revel in showcasing the finest fizz from around the globe and answering the biggest questions on champagne. Top article – Which Champagne Glass Shape Is The Best?

  1. Oregon Wine

About the blog - Oregon is a world-class wine region with more than 700 wineries and more than 1,000 vineyards growing 72 grape varieties. This stylish blog champions all things Oregon wine. Top article – Go To Oregon Wines For Guests

  1. Wine Tourism Portugal

About the blog – The wine, food and travel blog from WTP provides the best tips, inspirations and experiences of wine tourism in Portugal, including guides to the best wine regions and places to stay. Top article – 10 Health Benefits To Wine According To Science

  1. Sparkling Winos

About the blog – Mike and Jeff are the Sparkling Winos, a duo of fizz fanatics whose love for bubbly is explosive. They were told that they had a fresh, focussed, and unpretentious attitude towards sparkling wine. So they decided to unbottle their knowledge into a blog format. Top article – Cava 101 – What Is Cava

  1. Wines In Niagara

About the blog - The team behind Wines In Niagara share a passion for Niagara wine and food. They celebrate this with lots of local reviews, stories, photos, videos and events, compiled on their much loved blog. Top article – The Most Thrilling Niagara Wines

  1. The Kensington Wine Market

About the blog – Nancy Carten founded the Kensington Wine Market in 1992 and it has since gone on to be an award winning wine retailer in Canada. Now run by Andrew Ferguson, the company's blog features a wonderful compilation of recommendations for Canadian wine, as well as bottles from around the globe. Top article – Wine 101

  1. Wanderlust Wine Blog

About the blog – Wanderlust Wine was set up to offer sustainable, quality wine made by small producers. Wanderlust is a word meaning ‘a strong desire to travel’. The team behind the blog use this in the context of new wines, new regions and new styles to keep exploring the boundaries of the wine world we all know and love. Top article – The World’s Healthiest Red Wines

  1. Vinography

About the blog - Vinography began publishing in 2004 as a personal project for founder and editor Alder Yarrow. The site has since become a respected source for non-mainstream wine writing, and one of the most influential wine blogs on the Internet. Top article – Desperate Times, Desperate Wine Measures

  1. Terroir Review

About the blog - Launched in 2008, the Terroir Review has rapidly grown into a respected voice in independent wine journalism, winning awards and accolades for its feature writing, wine reviews, and commitment to journalistic and creative excellence. Top article – Tavel: The Fourth Wine

  1. Sommelier India

About the blog – Sommelier India is written by international writers, wine experts and aficionados from around the globe. It compiles together the best feature articles and wine profiles both online and in-print. Top article – Wine and Food Pairings For Diwali

  1. Great British Wine

About the blog - Great British Wine founder John is a self-appointed Great British Wine ambassador. Join him on his quest to explore all corners of the UK to uncover the best producers and most exciting wines. Top article – Where To Buy British Wine

  1. Wine Curmudgeon

About the blog - The blog focuses on the wine most of us drink – cheap wine. And it’s written by someone who has made cheap wine his life’s work and isn’t embarrassed about the choice. Jeff Siegel is a well-known wine writer whose work has appeared in national newspapers and magazines. Top article – The 25 Percent European Wine Tariff

  1. The Wine Stalker

About the blog – The Wine Stalker is the work of Joey Casco, a certified specialist of wine. His passion for wine has manifested itself in a series of memes, in-depth articles and reviews to create a wine blog of immense geekery. Top article – It’s Time To Give In To Canned Wine

  1. The Wine Ninjas

About the blog – Wine Ninjas is a prolific online magazine, pouring out irreverent wine, food and travel features for those who want to know more about what’s in their glass. It’s created by Gary Rose, a magazine journalist from London who has visited vineyards around the globe. Top article – How To Taste Wine

  1. The Fermented Fruit

About the blog – The Fermented Fruit is the work of Ryan, a wine lover from Maryland who needed an outlet for his biggest passion. His blog has since attracted thousands of unique, engaged visitors who are searching for wine recommendations and advice. Top article – The Unusual Suspects Beyond California Cabernet

  1. Wine Owners

About the blog – The Wine Owners blog focuses on investments in fine wine and has built up a strong online community of people who love and collect certain types. The business itself provides everything a wine lover will ever need to organise, track and value a wine collection. Top article – Bordeaux 2019: The Spring Of Hope

  1. The Wine Economist

About the blog - Economist Mike Veseth (pronounced VEE-seth) is an authority on global wine markets who travels the world studying wine economics and speaking to wine industry groups. He reports his discoveries on this blog, The Wine Economist, and in more than a dozen books. Top article – How To Break All The Wine Marketing Rules But Succeed Anyway

  1. Wine For Normal People

About the blog – Elizabeth Schneider is a certified sommelier and avid traveler. Her blog, Wine For Normal People, translates wine into normal terms that you can relate to through her award winning articles and podcasts. Top article – The Best Spanish Wines You’ve Never Heard Of

  1. Miquel Hudin

About the blog – Miquel Hudin challenges you to “be wine curious” and travel in the pursuit of great wine. Born in California and now a resident of Catalunya in Spain, Miquel is a professional wine writer who has led a team of expert contributors to his blog since 2010. Top article – 2020, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

  1. Young Gun Of Wine

About the blog - Young Gun of Wine is the place to discover wine in new ways and engage with the people that produce them. Their writers are very serious about the subject of wine but don’t take themselves too seriously. The blog is all about fun over formality. Top article – 2020’s Top Young Wine Labels In Australia

  1. Grape Experiences

About the blog – The very well named Grape Experiences is the work of Cindy Rynning, a multi-award winning writer whose entertaining articles consist of winemaker interviews, wine reviews and wine pairing advice. Top article – California Zinfandel Legends

  1. Wine GB

About the blog - WineGB’s mission is to establish Great Britain as one of the world’s great quality wine regions. Their blog therefore has a strong focus on the people and places that are helping to advance the Great British wine industry. Top article – Hattingley Valley Leads With First UK Vineyard TV Campaign

  1. Great Wine Capitals

About the blog - The Great Wine Capitals is a network of major global cities in both the northern and southern hemispheres, which share a key economic and cultural asset: their internationally renowned wine regions. The GWC blog has its finger on the pulse of global wine culture. Top article – Blending Art With Wine

  1. 12 x 75

About the blog - 12×75 is a light hearted, comical wine blog which focuses on wine news, reviews, food & interviews with leading figures in the world of wine. Editor Vim founded the blog in 2011 and has since been joined by three expert contributors who share his passion for the good stuff. Top article – 6 Best Port Bottles – UK Buyer Guide

  1. Wine Alchemy

About the blog – The founder of the blog, Paul Howard, finds wine fascinating and likes to think of its creation as alchemy. He has a particular passion for sustainable wine and much of his articles therefore focus on sustainability within the industry. Top article – Make Your Own Crème De Cassis

  1. Dr Vino

About the blog – Dr Tyler Colman, AKA Dr.Vino, prefers to look at the world through a wine glass. He is a renowned wine writer who wrote his Ph.D dissertation on the political economy of the French and USA wine industry. Since then his wine recommendations and commentary has featured in publications such as The New York Times and The Guardian. Top article – Wine Maps Are All The Rage

  1. Please The Palate

About the blog – Since 2011, Allison Levine has written hundreds of intriguing articles on wine. Her regular reviews and winemaker interviews have a strong readership, which has gone from strength to strength. The business itself specialises in marketing and event planning for those in the wine industry. Top article – Interview With a Dry Creek Valley Winemaker

  1. Jo Diaz’s Wine Blog

About the blog – Jo Diaz’s passion for wine has seen her enjoy a 27 year career in the industry and counting. As well as contributing to her own successful blog, she’s also written for a variety of press publications and even penned her own book. Top article – The Diabetic Wine Lovers Guide Review

  1. The Academic Wino

About the blog - The Academic Wino is a blog dedicated to dissecting current research in enology and viticulture. It provides fascinating insights and thoughts on the current state of research related to wine. Becca Yeamans-Irwin is writer, a former Tasting Room Associate, with a strong eye for good wine. Top article – How Much Alcohol Evaporates From A Glass Of Wine Over Time?

  1. Tom Wark’s Fermentation Wine Blog

About the blog - Over the years, Tom Wark has become a forceful advocate for wine consumers’ rights. His in-depth articles are clearly the work of somebody with a very thorough understanding of the global wine industry. Top article – The Impact Of Marijuana On Wine Sales

  1. Quentin Sadler’s Wine Page

About the blog – Quentin has spent over 25 years in the wine trade. In that time he’s managed wine shops, sold to the trade, marketed wine brands and of course, done a great deal of tasting. Since 2002 he’s been sharing his wine wisdom on this famous blog. Top article – Rhone Wine Map

  1. Wine, Wit and Wisdom

About the blog – Wine, Wit and Wisdom is the official blog of the Society Of Wine Educators. They are a non-profit organisation whose mission is to set the standard for quality and responsible wine and spirits teaching. Prepare to be educated! Top article – New Grapes On The American Wine Scene

  1. The Wine Chef

About the blog – Lisa founded The Wine Chef in 2016 as a way to express her love, passion, and knowledge for great food, wine and spirits. With her incredible recipes and wine lists, she has inspired thousands to cook well and drink even better. Top article – What Happens When A Wine Writer Loses Her Two Most Prized Senses

  1. The Drunken Cyclist

About the blog – The Drunken Cyclist writes about his two main passions – cycling and wine, but insists that he doesn’t advocate mixing the two! As a cycling tour guide in the French wine regions he was a fountain of knowledge and since 2012, the blog has also become a much-read outlet for his wine stories. Top article – Legendary Zinfandel Vineyards

  1. Drink What You Like

About the blog – Since 2008 the Drink What You Like blog has chronicled the good humoured observations of a husband and wife who are mad about wine. The well-travelled pair have compiled a series of intriguing wine reviews and features from around the world. Top article – What Does Brut Mean?

  1. Liz Palmer

About the blog – This blog is the work of the renowned Toronto based wine journalist and award-winning author Liz Palmer, who has written a well-reviewed book all about champagne. Her blog offers some intriguing commentary on the state of the global wine industry. Top article – Champagne Popping Out Of COVID-19

  1. The Knackered Mother’s Wine Club

About the blog – Helen McGinn spent almost a decade sourcing the best wines from around the world. She then spent the next half-decade pregnant. Her humorous and colourful blog pieces are a very entertaining reflection of modern family life, all centred around the topic of wine. Top article – Breakfast Wine

  1. Dallas Wine Chick

About the blog – The charming Dallas Wine Chick blog is the work of Melanie Ofenloch, whose number one philosophy is “no wine snobs allowed”. She doesn’t pretend to be a wine expert, just a girl with a passion for wine. Through regular pilgrimages to wine regions, Melanie has compiled a large range of recommendations for the best additions to your wine rack. Top article – Best Samples Of 2020

  1. Terroirist Daily Wine News

About the blog – David White founded this blog to provide a daily snapshot into the world of wine. Every post compiles the most interesting snippets from around the web, to give his 50,000 monthly readers a bite-sized insight every day. Top article – California Chardonnay Review

  1. Three Wine Men

About the blog – Regardless of whether you’re an expert, an enthusiast or just enjoy the occasional slurp, the Three Wine Men want to introduce you to the best wines in the world. Their blog offers some fantastic articles on wine pairings, reviews and industry news. Top article – Ham & Cheese Toastie and Grenache

  1. Wine Terroirs

About the blog – This blog follows Bertrand’s travels through France as he meets wine makers, discovers the greatest French vineyards and meets people with his shared passion for wine. Top article – First Wine After Lockdown

  1. Talk-A-Vino

About the blog – Back in 2001, Anatoli’s family doctor recommended he drink a glass of wine a day to lower his cholesterol. This habit led to a serious passion for all things wine and the outlet of the blog. Each superbly penned post on his site is punctuated with some stunning photography. Top article – Stories Of Passion And Pinot At The Utopia Vineyard

  1. Red Wine Please

About the blog – Since September 2012, Neil and Cheri Dubois have been passing on some serious wine knowledge on their blog, which also covers food and travel. They have a particular passion for full-bodied red wines so expect lots of great posts on these. Top article – 2010 Albino Rocca Barbaresco

  1. Palatexposure

About the blog – Palatexposure is a destination for oenophiles, gourmands, fine spirits lovers and inspired travelers. Ilona Thompson’s beautifully presented blog features insider guides to some of the best USA wineries, exclusive interviews and much more. Top article – Savvy Exceptionalism At The Sauvignon Blanc Conference

  1. Midweek Wines

About the blog – Brian Elliott is an established wine journalist, taster, judge and writer with a weekly column in Scottish newspapers. He regularly keeps his blog readers updated about the best wines and promotions available in UK shops. “Some wines really do punch significantly above their price point.” Top article – 7 Letters That Lead To Better Prosecco

  1. Henry’s World Of Booze

About the blog – Henry Jeffreys worked in the wine trade and publishing before becoming a freelance writer and broadcaster. As well as editing features for the Master Of Malt blog, he also finds time to pen regular articles on his own well read blog, which is an entertaining commentary on the world of booze. Top article – Did Jesus Drink Wine?

  1. Steve Heimoff

About the blog – Steve is a well renowned writer and wine lover who has written two books on the topic. His unquenchable thirst for knowledge on his favourite subject has led him to wine regions across the globe. He regularly blogs about the world of wine and much more. Top article – Ranking California Wines

  1. Vino-Sphere

About the blog – Vino-Sphere is a blog focused on wine, food and travel. Articles range from wine tasting notes and winery reports to stories on events, interesting travel destinations and restaurant experiences. The editorial philosophy is that wine, food and travel make life a celebration! Top article – Oregon’s Rogue Valley Treasure Trove

  1. Schiller Wine

About the blog – Schiller Wine is the work of Dr Christian G E Schiller, who splits his time between Frankfurt and Washington DC. He has been sharing his interesting musings on wine since 2009 and before then was an economist for the IMF. Top article – The Upcoming Wine Region Of Long Island

  1. Vintage Wine Picks

About the blog – Jason Solanki is highly regarded as the first point of call when friends are looking for that perfect bottle of wine for a special occasion. His passion for wine is reflected in his regular reviews of the best vintage wines that are also affordable. Top article – German Wines: A Closer Look

  1. Matt Walls Wines

About the blog – Matt is a freelance wine expert currently based in London. He recently made a BBC documentary on English Wine and also contributes to publications like Foodism and Imbibe. His blog features a very visual look at famous vineyards. Top article – The Grape Day Calendar

  1. The Wine Detective

About the blog – Sarah Ahmed, AKA The Wine Detective, provides the inside track on Portuguese and Australian wine. She shares her knowledge and enthusiasm about wine through tastings, wine writing, now wine tours Top article – 2020 Vintage Report

  1. Wine Oh TV

About the blog – Wine Oh TV features wine reviews, news, wine travel, food and wine pairings. Their team tour the world’s most magnificent wine regions to get up close and personal with celebrity chefs and world class winemakers. Top article – Puglia: Wine And Dine Along The Adriatic Sea

  1. Secret Sommelier

About the blog – Secret Sommelier is a wine reporting website run by Nick Breeze with a particular focus on contemporary wine production and consumption. Nick is a professional journalist based in London, working specifically in the fields of wine and climate change. Top article – Carbon Neutral Welsh Pinot

  1. The Wine Siren

About the blog – Join Napa Valley resident and award winning journalist, Kelly Mitchell, who is on one simple mission. To share and demystify the complex processes in making world-class food and wine and the people behind them. Top article – Salice Salentino: The Jewel That Put Puglia On The Map

  1. VertdeVin

About the blog – Available in both French and English, the VertdeVin magazine and online blog publishes wine and sprit reviews and expert pairing guides from their home in Bordeaux, in the heart of the French wine region. Top article – Chateau Mangot Is Getting A Makeover

  1. Wine, Woman & Song

About the blog –  The blog’s creator, Juel Mahoney, has been in the wine industry since 2001, with access to some of the greatest wines in the world. She started Wine, Woman & Song, after relocating to London from Australia. Top article – 3 Wine Movies Reviewed

  1. Vino’s Travels

About the blog – Jennifer Martin shares her love of Italian wines on her blog, Vino’s Travels, which was inspired by her year abroad in Florence, Italy. She is now dedicated to discovering the hundreds of varieties of Italian wines and meeting the people who make them. Top article – 50 Harvests With The Sieni Family Of The Montefioralle Winery

  1. Food Wine Click

About the blog – Jeff Burrows has been writing the Food Wine Click blog since 2012, focusing on the “intersection” where food and wine meet. His Wine 101 posts provide the perfect introduction to different affordable wine varieties. Top article – French Wine 101: Taste For Yourself

  1. Jura Wine

About the blog – Wink Lorch has been a writer and educator on wine for many years. Living partly in the French Alps, only a couple of hours from the Jura region, she has written about the region's wine, food and tourism for many international magazines and books.  Top article – All About Vin Jaune

  1. Grape Wall Of China

About the blog – Grape Wall Of China is the work of Jim Boyce. He has been providing an insight into China’s wine scene, with news, reviews and interviews since 2007. Top article – Will China’s Wine Consumer Go Local?

  1. The Primlani Kitchen

About the blog – Rashmi Primlani is a self-proclaimed Indian wine goddess, with the soul of a Mexican grandmother, heart of an Italian mother and aspirations of a French chef. She holds a WSET Diploma in Wines & Spirits and has an interest in the science of wine making. Her blog is a great source of wine and cooking tips. Top article – What Makes A Good Wine Good?

  1. Vegan Wine Box

About the blog – The Vegan Wine Box team are dedicated to dispelling the myths around vegan wines and helping their readers to discover the best products available to vegans around the UK. Top article – Matching Wine And Vegan Food

  1. 1 Wine Dude

About the blog – Joe Robert’s goal is to teach his readers about wine, whilst raising some laughs with his entertaining style. He’s here to show you that wine is not reserved for some strange elite set of people with magical noses. It’s for everyone to enjoy…so long as they’re over 18. Top article – Don’t Just Put A Cork In It: Alternative Wine Closures

  1. Hudson Valley Wine Goddess

About the blog – Debbie Gioquindo is a certified specialist of wine, who invites readers to “uncork their mind” with her engaging podcasts, blog and online classes. She delights in providing insights into the industry without using the jargon. Top article – From Law Enforcer To Winemaker

  1. Vinespot

About the blog – Some people write poetry, Dezel Quillen sips it. Based in northern Virginia, he is an engineer by day and a wine sipper, blogger, and tweeter by night. He founded Vinespot back in 2006 as an outlet photography and writing. Top article – Chateau Chantal 30 Year Chardonnay

  1. Old Bacchus

About the blog – Rob Frisch provides an insight into his quest for good value wines. He’s an expert in sniffing out the good quality wines that don’t have the marketing budget of the big players. Top article – Prosecco: The Good Stuff

  1. Organic Wine Club

About the blog – The Organic Wine Club team are committed to educating readers to all the benefits of organic wines, compiling reviews for the best products available in the market. Top article – 6 Most Popular Myths About Organic Wine

  1. Cambridge Wine Blogger

About the blog – The Cambridge Wine Blogger is written by Tom Lewis, who launched the blog in 2009 to compile reviews on wine events and the wines themselves. It has since become a go-to source for those looking for inspiration for their next tipple. Top article – Greek Wine Under Different Lenses

  1. The Intrepid Wino

About the blog – The world of wine is all about discovery, writes the Intrepid Wino, otherwise known as James Scarcebrook. James set out on a 16-month tour of wine regions across the globe. Since then he’s created a podcast, a series of wine tasting videos and a series of interesting articles. Top article – The Vincast With Jane Lopes

  1. Vino 301

About the blog – Vino 301 is a wine tour company based in Maryland, USA. Their team publish entertaining updates on the wonderful world of wine on a very well-illustrated blog. Top article – Store Your Wines Like Your Luxury Furs

  1. Another Wine Blog

About the blog – They may have scraped the barrel with the name but the content is superb. Another Wine Blog is the work of Amy Corron Power and Joe Power who have compiled an entertaining collection of articles on wine, cooking, travel and humour. Top article – The Damiano Vineyard In The Sierra Foothills

  1. Science And Wine

About the blog – Science & Wine is a science communication project which was started in 2018. The blog explores the scientific side of the world of wine, covering topics on anything ranging from the carbon footprint of wine tourism to an overview of global organic wine adoption. Top article – The Effects Of Polyphenols On Secondary Structure Wine Protein

  1. Word On The Grapevine

About the blog – This blog is the work of Joshua Dunning, a full-time process engineer and part-time wine enthusiast. He comments that the wonderful world of wine is forever changing and evolving and at its heart are passionate individuals, all with a story to tell. Joshua’s engaging posts help to get these stories across. Top article – Revolutionising Wine Tasting At Home

  1. Red Wine With Breakfast

About the blog – This blog is the work of Hayley Hamilton Cogill, a certified Sommelier and Wine, spirits and travel writer. She and her husband, film critic, Gary Cogill, co-produce the podcast "Cogill Wine & Film: A Perfect Pairing". Hayley also writes a wine column for the city magaine of Dallas and is an on-air wine contributor to KXAS-TV. Since 2010 she has been compiling an impressive array of reviews and pairing recommendations. Top article – What To Drink With Cheese

  1. Les Caves De Pyrene Blog

About the blog – Les Caves De Pyrene believe in promoting “real wines” that are expressive of where they came from. They want to share their love of wines that are made by hand with minimal intervention in the vineyard. Top article – The Unalternative Wine Glossary

  1. Nova Cadamatre

About the blog – Between the exposure to some of the world’s greatest winemaking talent and the intense study for her Master of Wine certification, Nova rapidly became a creative and resourceful winemaker with skill and knowledge to understand the best vineyards. Her blog has proven a great outlet for this knowledge. Top article – How To Open A Sparkling Wine Bottle With A Broken Cork

  1. Dame Wine

About the blog – The blog of freelance wine writer and Forbes contributor, Cathrine Todd, aims to celebrate the diversity of wine and the characters in the wine business that cross her path. Many of her posts are focused on the New York wine scene but she also writes about her travels to awesome wine regions across the globe. Top article – What Qualities Make A Great Older Wine

  1. Austin Beeman

About the blog – Austin Beeman describes himself as a nineteen-year veteran of the wine business with a deep knowledge of the global wine scene. He is a also a talented writer, photographer and a keen traveler, who has created some impressive podcasts and video content on the subject of wine. Top article – Break Dancing At 4am And Other Reasons Why Millenials Aren’t Buying Wine

  1. The Beauty And The Taste

About the blog – This unique blog is dedicated to telling the back stories to some of the world’s greatest winemakers and educating readers to how their fine wines came to be. They want to tell beautiful stories and introduce you to new tastes. Top article – The Grape And The Travel

  1. Vinolent

About the blog – Vinolent is a non-commercial wine blog born in 2009 because its writer had to “get some stuff off their chest”. For over ten years they have been creating engaging posts, featuring interesting anecdotes and great wine recommendations. Top article – 2010 Bordeaux: The Battlefield

  1. Wine All The Time

About the blog – Wine All The Time is the work of Marissa A Ross. As the name of her blog suggests, she spends a lot of time drinking wine. And despite her lack of formal qualifications, she’s got a rather good knack for it. Humour, bright visuals and entertaining pairing advice collide on this unique blog. Top article – Lasagna Bolognese & Lamoresca Mascalesi

  1. Wine With Paige

About the blog – Paige Comrie is the creative mind behind Wine with Paige. She holds her WSET 3 and is a Certified American Wine Expert. Beyond wine, she also has an extensive background in Photography, Writing, and Digital Marketing. Paige is incredibly passionate about local producers and wines with great stories behind the bottle. Top article – Pizza Wine

  1. The Real Housewine

About the blog – Amanda Goodwin is constantly on the search for unique and special wines to share with her audience. She loves to try wines that the general consumer has never heard of and share her experience, as well as the story behind the wine. Top article – Wines To Make Summer Feel A Little More Like Summer

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