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During the maturation process, the wines become more concentrated and complex; opulence, weight and sweetness is intertwined and balanced by the alcohol, acidity, oak nuances and volatility. Grandfather Rare Tawny, with an average age in excess of fifteen years, has a dense, tawny colour, with rich, nutty aromas and extraordinary intensity on the palate.

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OVERVIEW The Grandfather name dates back to 1915, when an oak cask containing the finest blend of available
Tawny material was set aside for the exclusive use of the Penfold family. This wine was known as
The Grandfather due to the age of the oldest Tawny in the blend. With each vintage varietal batches
are selected for Grandfather. These batches are individually aged in seasoned old oak casks before
being blended together at 14 years of age. This blend is then introduced into the ‘Grandfather
Solera’. This Solera consists of six stages that are designed to fully integrate all components offering
consistency and freshness with a final minimum average blended age of 20 years.
VINEYARD REGION Specially selected South Australian vineyards. Many of the vineyards selected for the production
of Grandfather have been doing so for well over 25 years. These vineyards are selected for their
consistently high quality and reliability year after year.
GRAPE VARIETY As Grandfather is produced using a Solera system it will always retain every variety used over the years,
albeit in small amounts. Of the some 13 varieties identified the major varieties which form the
backbone of the blend are Shiraz, Grenache, Mataro and Cabernet.
SPIRIT SELECTION A specially selected ex-still fortifying spirit that has a distinctive aroma and flavour. The selected
spirit traditionally has a strength between 78 and 85%v/v and must have the power and intensity to
combine with the 20 years of age concentration and complexity without presenting as the dominant
character. While spirit is the main driver of style in younger wines it becomes a less dominant
contributor in wines of this age as the aged components take the forefront.
VINTAGE CONDITIONS As Grandfather is matured utilising a Solera system all vintages introduced into the system are
retained forever. This system of maturation ensures freshness, consistency of quality and style is
sustained over the decades. The Solera currently contains vintages from 1960 to 2004. Including some
44 individual vintages in the Solera is testament to the complexity and age yet also highlights the
importance of freshness and fruit.
MATURATION The initial maturation for Grandfather occurs as individual vintage and varietal components. These
components remain in the same seasoned old oak hogsheads for approximately 14 years, before
being selected and blended to form the topping wine. This topping wine is then introduced into the
first stage of the Solera. The Solera is comprised of six individual stages with stage six supplying the
wine for bottle at a minimum average blended age of twenty years.
WINE ANALYSIS Alc: 20.2%v/v, Acidity: 8.1g/L, pH: 3.20, Bé: 10.0
LAST TASTED April 2014.
PEAK DRINKING Fully matured and bottled for your immediate enjoyment. While this wine will sustain some bottle
age it is best consumed within 12 months of purchase.
COLOUR Deep tawny with a distinctive yellow-green edge characteristic of extended wood maturation.
NOSE Intense raisin fruits, fruitcake, liquorice, roasted walnuts all integrated together seamlessly with
a freshness contradicting age.
PALATE Classical Penfolds fruitcake, liquorice and vanillin oak flavours with a sweet full and round mid-palate,
and a finish that persists on and on.

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