Cookies and Web Tracking

a. Cookies for page control

In order to make our website user-friendly and to provide the required functions, we use cookies in some areas, for example shopping cart.

"Cookies" are small text files that are stored locally on your computer's hard disk and kept ready for later retrieval in order to facilitate the use of our online services. After completing your visit and ending the Internet browser you are using, most cookies are automatically deleted (so-called session cookies). Other cookies remain on your device and allow us to recognize your browser on your next visit (persistent cookies).

You can install cookies as described under b. (Consent and rejection of cookies) described by changing the settings of your browser software. However, you may not be able to use all features of our website.

b. Consent or refusal of cookies

The consent or rejection of cookies - also for web tracking - you can also explain the settings of your web browser. You can set your web browser to notify you when cookies are set or to reject cookies in general. However, you will no longer be able to use all features of our website.

Use the links below to find out about this option for the most popular browsers:



Google Chrome:




Below you can find a table of all cookie providers we use, along with their purpose and a link to a complete breakdown of all the cookies that could be implemented by the providers.


Cookie Provider                 Purpose Cookies Breakdown
Google  To analyse customer data in order to provide insights into how our website is used. Google Analytics Documentation
Prestashop To keep track of a logged in user, track their level of privilege and support additional functionality for their convenience. Prestashop Managing Cookies (Prestashop >170)
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