Canadian Red

Proudly flying the flag for Canada, the Qualis Gate red wine is the benchmark for any aspiring red wine enthusiast. Both refined and temptingly rich, the flavours that make up the Pinot Noir are enough to transport you to the breathtakingly beautiful backdrop where these vines are grown with each sip. Produced by the Stewart Family, who are like Canadian royalty in wine circles, their grapes continue to stand the test of time. Expect juicy red fruit flavours with every mouthful, which make for a great addition to any dish that includes pork, lamb or even venison, Canadian red wine looks more than at home on any dining table.

Canadian Red

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Quails Gate Pinot Noir 2017

As one of Canada’s leading producers of Pinot Noir, we ensure that our wines exhibit rich, complex fruit flavours, reminiscent of classic Burgundy wines, while showcasing the added elegance of New World winemaking techniques.

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