Chilean Rose

Just when you think you’ve discovered all of your favourite wines, Chilean Rose will give you another (albeit very pleasant!) problem. The Pinot Noir, especially deserves a place near the top of the Rose hierarchy for altogether unique reasons. Delicious flavours of some of the juiciest red apples combined with strawberries and peaches, this will take you on a journey worthy of a trip across the country’s magnificent Andes mountain range. Great when served with risotto, sushi and especially salads, the flavours of apple help to create the perfect balance on the palate. It is easy to see why Chilean Rose wine is popular.

Chilean Rose

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Lapostolle Le Rosé 2019

Colour: Clean pale salmon colour.

Nose: Fruity and floral notes such as strawberry and red rosebuds.

Mouth: Fresh, unctuous and juicy mouthfeel.

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