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A drink of choice for many, gin makes for a pleasant alternative and is becoming increasingly fashionable.  The Yorkshire Dales Purple Ram London Dry gin is crammed with flavour, combining grapefruit, orange blossom, cinnamon and juniper spice, making for the perfect drink after a long day, if a beer just won’t cut it! Meanwhile, the highly sought-after York Gin has as much character worthy of the city itself, with black pepper and cardamom just two of the flavours that excite that palate. Highly versatile, gin is typically a great drink with most salads, seafood and white meat, it is definitely worth exploring.


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Manchester Three Rivers Gin...

Manchester Three Rivers Gin is made in the heart of the city (in a railway arch in the Green Quarter), using a combination of 11 botanicals in their 450 litre Holstein copper pot still.

Sweet and creamy with juniper, vanilla and a warming finish.

Manchester Three Rivers Gin  70cl

£43.34 Price

Audemus Pink Pepper Gin 70cl

A Pink Pepper Gin from French producers Audemus, situated in the heart of Cognac. Made with hand-picked pink peppercorns and a handful of other tasty botanicals (including honey, vanilla and cardamom - all of which are macerated separately then distilled under low pressure and temperature). You'll find a good juxtaposition between sweet and spicy notes in this one...

£56.20 Price

York Gin

York Gin is a distilled dry gin - the two things you need to create a dry gin are: alcohol and juniper.

Beyond those two ingredients, you can add your own flavours known as ‘botanicals’ at different points in the process.

Some gins bring out the taste of peppercorn, others the flavour of lemon, cucumber or cardamom.

£36.72 Price

Renegade Gin

Grain to glass created by Braden Saunders at Doghouse Distillery Battersea, London. There is juniper, grains of paradise, angelica, orris, bitter orange and cardomom amongst the botanical mix, however the rest remains a secret. A knockout gin with an herbaccous punch.

£42.98 Price

Malfy Gin Con Rosa

Fresh from Turin, the latest addition to the Malfy family is this vibrant Gin Rosa. Each Gin in the Malfy range is distilled using ingredients from Italy, in this case Sicilian Pink grapefruit and Italian rhubarb. The perfect summertime gin, bright and bursting with zesty notes.

£35.99 Price

Malfy Gin Con Arancia

A bright, vibrant Italian gin from the Malfy range, produced using Sicilian blood oranges to give it a sweet, juicy flavour profile. Ought to be ideal for enjoying in a Gin Tonica with lots of fresh fruit for garnish.

£35.99 Price

Botanist Islay Dry Gin

Nose: Enough botanicals to make us wish we had five noses. Big notes of citrus, delicate menthol and flowers everywhere!

Palate: Cool at first. It quickly mellows out, warmth growing with citrus keeping it fresh throughout.

Finish: Long, with a good spice.

Overall: Islay isn't just about the whisky anymore. The Botanist Gin is top-notch.

£39.54 Price

Boatyard Double Gin



Gin - London Dry - 2017

International Wine & Spirit Competition

£47.29 Price

Cuckoo Sunshine Gin

Bright juniper, crisp lemon and sharp raspberry lead, before touches of the honey sets in among toasted almonds and creamy vanilla. Orris, cinnamon and orange add vibrancy and spice.

£43.99 Price