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Portuguese White

A country known for its pristine golf courses, Portuguese white wine certainly more then makes par. From the well-regarded Alvarinho grape, consisting of highly refreshing tropical fruity flavours, with a buttery finish, it is this medley which makes it a perfect pairing for shellfish and most other seafood. While not as commercial as most white wines from other countries, this is the perfect opportunity to wow friends at dinner parties. As soon as it hits your palate, you know you’ve struck gold with this luscious libation which is highly drinkable and moreish. An absolute taste necessity for any wine enthusiast

Portuguese White

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Reguengo de Melgaco...

Country - Portugal

Region - Vinho Verde

Grape Varieties - Alvarinho 100%

Alcohol by volume - 13%

Bottle - 75cl

Producer - Reguengo De Melgaço

Tasting notes - A great example of Alvarinho, showing fresh and fruity aromas of apple, pear and stone fruits, combined with mineral notes and floral hints. A refreshing, fruity palate with good weight, balancing acidity and buttery tones through to a long and aromatic finish.

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Luis Seabra Granito Cru 2016

A scintillating wine, at once fleshy and intensely mineral, with notes of citrus fruit, apricot and honey, as well as white pepper and curry spice. Great texture and complexity from first impression through to the long, powerful finish. Manages a terrific balancing act of softness, freshness and fragance. Utterly seductive 

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