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Lebanese Rose

You will be left in absolutely no doubt at all about the work that goes into helping to make Lebanese Rose one of the most in-demand in the southern Mediterranean region. Aromatic flavours of the ripest berries, finished with delicate hints of jasmine help to make a light, refreshing Rose that is perfect when served with salads. Lovingly produced in the well-respected Bekaa valley, the Chateau Ksara Gris de Gris carefully combines the Carignan and Grenache Gris grapes to create a wine that oozes charisma. Playful on palate, this delicious Rose will always leave you wanting more and once tasted, it is easy to see why.

Lebanese Rose

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Chateau Ksara Gris de Gris...

An aromatic nose of berries, vine flowers, peony and a touch of jasmine. Fresh and light, it is vivid, elegant and harmonious.

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