Cyprus White

A country which is part-Greek and part-Turkish, Cypriot white wine is well worthy of being a stand-alone. With highly intriguing flavours of vanilla, lime and ginger, the Kyperounda Petritis is a wine that even countries would fight over the ownership of. Being suitably diverse in flavour means that it is ideal with pasta, seafood and even Asian dishes. The hints of vanilla help to connect the lime and ginger very pleasantly and this becomes even more evident when sipped with any kind of spicy food, acting as an ideal palate cleanser. Especially for the adventurous, Cypriot white wine is certainly a must-try.

Cyprus White

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Kyperounda Winery Petritis...

Country - Cyprus

Region - Limassol

Grape Varieties - Xynesteri 100%

Alcohol by volume - 13.5%

Bottle - 75cl

Producer - Kyperounda Winery

Tasting notes - Delicious aromas of citrus fruits, candied lime, lychee and a touch of spice and vanilla. A medium bodied yet refreshing wine with a long, persistent finish.

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