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Hungarian White

Put simply, you are in for a treat! One of those fruit cocktails you dreamed of trying when you were a child, but that is alcoholic. Hungarian white wine, particularly the Muscat Blanc grape is bursting with orange, pineapple, pears and gooseberries, with subtle hints of chocolate, vanilla and apricot garnishing each mouthful. It really is a true taste of summer, though is just as mouth-watering most times of the year, especially when served with smoky seafood or spicy cuisine.  This is a must-have for any wine rack and once tried, it could well become your white wine of choice!

Hungarian White

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Majoros Birtok Tokaji Deak...

Country - Hungary

Region - Tokaj

Grape Varieties - Furmint 100%

Alcohol by volume - 12%

Bottle - 75cl

Producer - Majoros Family Estate

Tasting notes - A great example of an 'orange wine'. A dry wine, which is slightly oxidative in style and shot through with vanilla, chocolate, apricot and smoke. This has a textured mouthfeel and wonderful complexity, culminating in a long salty edge on the finish.

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