Spanish Sparkling

A country once famed for its empire and explorers, one of Spain’s greatest discoveries was right on its doorstep. Spanish vineyards proudly fly the flag for the country and when you try the country’s sparkling wine, it is easy to see why. The Viura grape in particular, which produces the Ondarre Brut Cava, combines cream and zesty fruit flavours in a way you would never have thought possible and, what’s more, exceeds expectations. A great contender to serve with many fish dishes, especially paella, rest assured that this drink will leave you fully satisfied. The Spanish treasure fleet uncovered many treasures, though there is no doubt that the country struck gold with its sparkling wine.

Spanish Sparkling

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Pinord Seleccion Brut Cava...

Country - Spain

Region - Catalonia

Grape Varieties - Xarello 50%, Macabeo 30%, Parellada 20%

Alcohol by volume - 11.5%

Bottle - 75cl

Producer - Bodegas Pinord

Tasting notes - Fresh, light and enjoyable with a delightful and elegant finish.


Silver, SWA, 2018

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