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French Sparkling

The country of France is world renowned for the quality & variety of its sparkling wines. In fact, there are 23 regions in France, including Champagne, producing sparkling wines that are being enjoyed all over the globe.

French winemakers utilize two primary methods for making Sparkling wine: Methode Traditionnelle and Methode Ancestrale. Most sparkling wines actually state which method is used on the label so make sure you keep an eye out. Browse our collection of 77 French sparkling wines now!

French Sparkling

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  • Brand: Champagne Henri Giraud
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Champagne Henri Giraud MV13...

Rare & highly sought after Champagne Available immediately Ex-Tilbury Deliveries to other bonds charged at cost. Subject to remaining unsold and final confirmation. E&OE.
For increased quantities please contact.
To purchase Duty Paid, Vat Included delivered please contact
£399.99 Price