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French Sparkling

The country of France is world renowned for the quality & variety of its sparkling wines. In fact, there are 23 regions in France, including Champagne, producing sparkling wines that are being enjoyed all over the globe.

French winemakers utilize two primary methods for making Sparkling wine: Methode Traditionnelle and Methode Ancestrale. Most sparkling wines actually state which method is used on the label so make sure you keep an eye out. Browse our collection of 77 French sparkling wines now!

French Sparkling

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  • Vintage: 2014

Champagne Hébrart Cuvée...

Country - France

Region - Champagne

Grape Varieties - Pinot Noir 55%, Chardonnay 45%

Alcohol by volume - 12%

Bottle - 75cl

Producer - Champagne Marc Hébrart

Tasting notes - A food friendly Champagne, with toasty notes and rich pure white fruit aromas, through to layers of complexity on the palate with hints of vanilla and nutmeg spice.

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