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Penfolds Father Grand Tawny NV

Arguably the most refined wine in Penfolds Tawny portfolio, replete with elegance and power.
Exhibiting sweet fruitcake flavours, obvious wood aged complexity and concentration. The finish
is fresh with a wonderful balance and lingering intensity.

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Penfolds Grandfather Rare...

During the maturation process, the wines become more concentrated and complex; opulence, weight and sweetness is intertwined and balanced by the alcohol, acidity, oak nuances and volatility. Grandfather Rare Tawny, with an average age in excess of fifteen years, has a dense, tawny colour, with rich, nutty aromas and extraordinary intensity on the palate.

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Penfolds Great Grandfather...

This wine is immensely complex and powerful. The maturation Grandfather style relies on a fuller spirit for fortification and extended small old oak maturation to gain overall complexity and optimum balance.

Great Grandfather Rare Tawny is Penfolds rarest wine; only 1000 bottles are available each release. The first release, in 1994, deliberately comprised 1994 bottles

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